The Most Effective Natural Remedies for your Headache

This very common temporary everyday life-disruptive pain in the head, also known as cephalgia is caused by a number of things. Its universality knows no barriers as it can affect the young and the old equally and no limitations of gender or race. The majority cases of people who frequently suffer from headaches report that the pain dissipates after a period ranging from a few hours to a couple of weeks; this group constitutes the majority of the population. As a result, many people feel that the headache is a too common sickness that does not warrant a visit to the doctor and, often times, they resort to self help practices.

apple cider vinegar
natural remedies – apple cider vinegar


The aches in the head can be classified as primary or secondary depending on the causes. Those pains that are induced mostly by external or other factors, in the case where the headache is a symptom, are known as secondary headaches. Usual causes of these would include alcohol after effects and medication when used to excess as well as some nutrient deficiencies in the body.

Primary Headaches, on the other hand, are predominantly stand alone headaches induced by internal changes and malfunctions within the head itself. It is this group that can be easily treated through natural home remedies and some of the remedies include;

Avoiding extreme temperatures; while some headaches are triggered by very cold temperatures such as the brain freeze headache which is said to be offset by quick consumption of colds such as ice cream, the other group can be affected by very hot temperatures.

Following the avoidance of extreme temperatures is, interestingly enough, the use of a hot or cold compress to the head or neck.

Apple Cider Vinegar is a natural pain ease for most cases of headaches and may be used in the same way eucalyptus and vapour rub are used to treat colds and flu. A few drops are added to warm water and the sufferer must breathe in the hot steam that emanates. Drink clear room temperature water afterwards.

Adding fish oil to an orange juice glass helps ease discomfort as the oil directly targets the constricting or tense muscles usually present when one has a headache.

A glass of warm water to which cayenne powder is added can be used by soaking up a swab of cotton which is then held up to the nose for inhalation.
For the ease of pain, and the discomfort brought on by tension type of headache, one can drink a concoction of peppermint oil in water. This treatment is also believed to help clear the mind.

The salicin ingredient in almond nuts is a natural pain killer and just by gobbling up a handful, the pain would dissipate or disappear altogether.
There are other natural habits we can implement into our daily lives such as exercises and taking time to rest. The adoption of good posture practices is also a good way to reduce the occurrence of headaches in some instances as muscle cramping is one of the causes of endogenous primary headaches.