When you have an upset stomach, what is the first thing that you reach for? Is it a package of Rolaids or Tums? Is it an Advil? Is it Ginger Ale? We are all different in our habits, but in may situations, researchers are finding that more and more people are interested in going with the natural remedies when it comes to a variety of digestive disorders that a person can come into contact with. It is surprising to some, but it makes sense in a lot of situations. Think about it. If you had the choice to take a medication that can give you side effects (or interact with other medications you are taking); or you had the option of a natural remedy that had been used for centuries in the past, which one would you prefer, really? That’s right, the natural ones. It just makes sense for most of us. So, take a look at some of the most popular natural remedies for digestive disorders out there and see how quickly you’ll be convinced that they’re the right choice.

ginger for digestive disorders
ginger for digestive disorders


It isn’t uncommon for people to sip on a glass of gingerale while they’re struggling to get through a bad stomach flu, but those who had serious bouts of nausea will also find that raw ginger, ginger tea, etc can often give them substantial relief and allow them to keep food down in long term situations, too. If you are looking for a way to help with nausea, consider ginger in its many forms. You’ll find several that will help you out, that’s for sure.

This is a great option that is easily put into food that can help if you are suffering from indigestion due to medications or other health conditions. It can often help the stomach and digestive track sharpen its work ethic and also make sure that you are able to find more comfort in terms of acid and gas. That being said, it can sometimes do the opposite, too, so it should be taken with caution when trying it for the first few times. It’ll work in a pinch, though, and you can easily put it into your meal if you know it’s going to give you unrest in advance.

Milk Thistle
If you have a slow metabolism and are looking for a way to speed it up slowly and carefully so that you can experience a more elevated energy level and also a healthy digest track milk thistle is the way to go. This is often found in teas, so you can sip on one before bed, or after a large meal. It is great for helping you get your stomach to settle down after a hard meal, or if you’ve gone a few days without eating due to sickness.

Slippery Elm
This is great if you are having trouble with your throat, specifically with acid. It will coat your throat and give you some relief from acid, and it will do the same thing with your stomach, too. If you want to find an easy wait to get relief from heartburn without turning to Tums, this is definitely a great way to go about it. It’s great for those who are pregnant, too, as it is often recommended by doctors as a way to find relief without turning to medications. It is helpful in mild and more severe cases.

Pineapple Extract
While unpopular due to mixed results, it is said that pineapple extract can help you feel better if you are dealing with digestion problems or an upset stomach. While this is said to be helpful, many people say that it did just the opposite, so each person must find out on their own whether or not this is a realistic option for them.

This is a popular natural option that will help you keep your digestive tract regular and comfortable. You’ve all seen the commercials for those different yogurt commercials, so it works pretty much the same way, here. If you want to find yourself having a comfortable digestion system and going to the bathroom regularly (sorry, but it’s true), probiotics may just be some of the best options to consider with a doubt. They have high success rates, too, though it takes a bit of use to see the positive results.

This is an old fashioned trick that, while it is not a natural remedy of sorts, is said to be very popular. If you have an upset stomach or you are dealing with a bad case of heartburn that is making your throat feel terrible, a glass of cold milk is the way to go. It will make you feel better in terms of controlling the immediate soreness in your throat, and you’ll find that the milk also settles your stomach so that you can keep on digesting or whatever until you find the long term relief. It is an old wive’s tale that really does help you out in many ways.

Dropping a dab of honey in your tea will give you great results for an irritated throat and stomach, so this should be considered if you are looking for a way to get some relief in the evening after a big meal. If may not be a totally fool proof plan, but it seems to have success in a lot of cases and you can add as little or as much as you can. It’s great for those with coughs, too.

So, these remedies should help give you a variety of options to look for if you want to find some relief from an upset stomach or other acid problems. While some of them work and some of them are not so helpful, you’ll find the right ones that will really enable you to find your relief. Ask around to friends and family, too, as they will have their own opinions on what is best as well as their own alternative options.

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