Welcome to Natural Electric Jive of Traditional Chinese Medicine!
This website is not just about chinese medicine but also about many different forms of natural and alternative medicines that are practiced around the world. Alternative medicine is the main core and topic of this website. We will also publish freely anything that we think is interesting, and also that we feel sharing to everybody.

Here is a little bit of my story. I used to be very sensitive in terms of health. I used to become easily sick and get many kinds of reactions after eating certain types of food, specially when traveling. There are new foods all the time. I’m talking about traveling to different countries and different cultures. But after years of observing my body and researching about foods and how the human body digest foods. I was able to feel energetic and gain lots of stamina. This changed everything on the way i looked at the world. Before, i am almost all the time in the state of depression. But now most of the time I am always in a good mood.

Stay tune and watch for stories and information that i’m going to put up. They will be all interesting and might help you too in starting to live a good and healthy happy life.

Bye for now!